The story of Kufstein Fortress is inextricably intertwined with the name of one man – Emperor Maximilian I. To commemorate this anniversary year, an exhibition has been created that is dedicated to the man who was Emperor Maximilian. This exhibition is located in the historic armoury as part of the new “Kufstein Fortress Route”. The focus of this exhibition is Maximilian’s close relationship with the Tyrol, and with Kufstein in particular.

Fascinating information boards, the authentic replica of a cannon, and various sets of armour take visitors back in time to Maximilian’s reign. A media station invites visitors to take part: a painting which depicts how Kufstein Fortress was conquered by Maximilian I in 1504 gives visitors the opportunity to discover interesting details about the event, the consequences of which extended far beyond Kufstein. A special highlight is a “talking portrait”, where the “lord of the manor” himself gets to have his say. Here, Maximilian has the opportunity to tell the story from his point of view.

Fortress Kufstein

Concept: bogner.knoll
Architect: Atelier Schreiner