In 2015, new life will be breathed into the magnificent bel étage of Schloss Hof! Having been largely absent for three centuries, Prince Eugene of Savoy, who built the palace, will once again be welcoming his visitors, together with Maria Theresia, who made it her home after she was widowed, and her son, Emperor Joseph II., who financed the remodelling.

7reasons created the following parts of the new exhibition:

Staircase Projection

A wide staircase leads from the foyer to the actual exhibition space on the second floor. The purpose of this media installation was to draw the visitors’ attention to the  proper route and lead them to the start of the exhibition with a little teaser.

This was accomplished by projecting silhouettes of different people in historically accurate clothing on the wall, giving the impression that they were accompanying the visitors up and down the staircase. They were filmed using greenscreen technology and geometrically corrected for short-distance projection.

Dining Room Projection

A rear projection screen built into a tablecloth is used to show a short film describing historic dining culture and etiquette with the help of historic depictions.

Garden Room Projection

The main focus of the exhibition in the garden room is the role of Prince Eugene as a warrior, builder, and patron of the arts. An animation projected on the wall between two tapestries shows of the battle of Belgrade in 1717. This battle was the highlight of Prince Eugene’s military career, which, of course, boosted the general’s financial prowess. A static, historic map was digitally animated to show the complete course of the battle step by step.

Scientific Advisors: Dr. Claudia Reichl-Ham, Dr. Thomas Reichl, Museum of Military History Vienna


Further multimedia content included an animation on the subject “Prince Eugene as a Warrior of God” and an audio installation in the chapel.


Marchfeldschlösser Revitalisierungs- und Betriebsges.m.b.H.


Curators: Dr. Dieter Bogner, Katharina Knoll